8th of April, Friday 17:00
The Moomins &Tove Jansson
Location: Veszprém, Eotvos Karoly County Library

14th April, Thursday 17:00: Introduction of a Finno-Ugric culture. Lektor of Mari language at Eötvös Loránd University, Tatiana Jefremova is arriving to Iszkaszentgyörgy to represent Mari Republic, Mari language, culture and tradition.  Venue: IKSZT Iszkaszentgyörgy, Rákóczi street 2.

23rd April, Saturday during the whole day: Day of Saint George
The Day of Saint George is an extraordinary moment in the life of Iszkaszentgyörgy every year. Our citizens gather together from the smallest to the oldest ones at various venues, events and concerts to celebrate the name-giver saint of the village. Colourful, interesting programs are waiting for the visitors not only from Iszkaszentgyörgy but from every corner of the world! More: https://iszkaszentgyorgy.wordpress.com/ 

21th of April, Thursday 
Opening exhibition of Ágnes Kulcsar painter 
Location: Balassi Instyut, Helsinki