26 of February
Lecture on Music history: Batrók's world II.
Location:  Veszprém, Hangvilla - Multifunctional Concert Hall

 29 of February
Celebration of the Finnish Kalevala
Location: Művészetek Háza - House of Arts
VEMAFI- Hungarian-Finnish Association Veszprém

Presentation of Bui Viet Hoa Vietnamese translator from ELTE University, Finno-Ugric Faculty, Budapest. Handing over ceremony of the Finnish and Hungarian (translated from Finnish language) books of Mr Béla Vető for VEMAFI and the Eötvös Károly County Library.

 29 of February
Club of Occultists- II.
Location: EKMK- Eötvös Károly County Library

Online multi-round competition for children in connection with the novel "Club of Occultists" by Kersti Kivirüüt, 2nd round


 9 of February
 „Tikverőzés” is Hungarian speciality in the small neighbour village, Moha.

During the last day of „Farsang“ period young men dressed like women chase out the winter from the village with soot on their hands and face since hundreds of years. They ask for charity food and kick with a stick the bottom of the chickens for higher fertility. In 2016 we chase out the cold, mean ghosts and illnesses together and hope the upcoming spring with joint dinner in the Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim Castle. Since September 2011 tikverőzés is on the list of UNESCO’s Cultural Memory of the World Programme.

23 of February
Presentation from the everydays of a rich Finno-Ugric culture – activity of Iszkaszentgyörgy’s Udmurt ambassador, Darali Leli.

26. February
Celebration of Finnish Kalevala.
Puppet show of Babos Bábos Társulat for pupils and preschoolers
Khanty food tasting, installation of Khatny yurt and Khanty craft and art activites in cooperation with the Director of Reguly Antal Museum and Folkart House, Mrs. Eszter Ruttkay-Miklián and her Khanty husband.