11th March, Friday 10:00-12:00
Commemoration of the victims of the Hungarian revolution in 1848-1849 with hussar performance. Venue: Kossuth square (in the middle of the village) and Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim Castle  

 11th March, Friday 17:00
Introduction of Finno-Ugric games, folkdances and folksongs by the Udmurtian ambassador of Iszkaszentgyörgy, Darali Leli. Venue: IKSZT (Rákóczi street 2.) 

17th March, Thursday 13:00
The visit of Madam Marina Kaljurand, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Estonia to Iszkaszentgyörgy. The Minister places a wreath for the memory of the Hungarian Revolutionists of 1848. 
Investiture of a new board which shows the direction of the Estonian brother town, Köpü. Estonia welcomes the Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture by Marina Kaljurand in the Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim castle and irregular history lesson in the school of the residency. Seto and Hungarian folksongs and folkdances. - 18th March, Friday afternoon: Introduction of Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2015, Obinitsa. Get acquainted with Seto people and Obinitsa by the 26 Seto guests of Seto region from Estonia. Photo exhibition of 2015, Seto folksongs, Seto and Estonian folkdances, joint cooking of Seto and Hungarian descriptions, trying out Seto handicrafts. Venue: Amadé-Bajzáth-Pappenheim castle. 
22-23rd March, Tuesday-Wednesday
Activities within the International Day of Water in cooperation with the local Primary School, Kindergarden and the Transdanubian Regional Waterworks Corporation. 

 24th March, Thursday: 
Introduction of a Finno-Ugric language – presentation of the Udmurtian ambassador of Iszkaszentgyörgy, Darali Leli