SANA 2019 project team is pleased to inform that 65 applications were received as part of the Finno-Ugric language initiatives small grant competition, from 3 countries: Russian Federation (Republics of Karelia, Udmurtia and Mari El, Leningrad, Vologda and Pskov Oblasts and Saint-Petersburg), Estonia and Latvia. 28 applications were submitted by private individuals, 19 from informal associations and 15 from non-governmental organisations. Finno-Ugric languages that aim to be promoted by these initiatives include Izhorian, Finnish (Ingrian Finnish dialect), Karelian (North, Livvi, Tver dialects), Votian, Komi, Vepsian, Mari, Seto and Livonian languages. The total budget of all received applications is 89 164 euros, i.e., exceeding the competition fund (10 000 euros) almost 9 times.

The objective of SANA 2019 small grant competition is to support grassroots initiatives for developing and utilizing indigenous Finno-Ugric languages in the Baltic Sea region. The competition will support mostly new and independent initiatives that aim to preserve or revitalize indigenous Finno-Ugric languages in their traditional territories.  

Selection jury of the competition consists of representatives of partner organisations. Applications will be processsed in three stages: technical, individual (by individual jury members) and collegial. Results of the competition will be announced in December, 2018.  

The project “SANA 2019: Civil Society Network for Revitalizing Indigenous Languages” unites organisations for preserving and revitalizing indigenous languages in the Baltic Sea Region and supports the goals of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. The project will partly overlap with the UN-proclaimed International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019, to the implementation of which project partners will provide substantive contributions as well as learn from worldwide good practices. The project brings together the following 7 partner organisations: Association “ECHO” (Karelia)  as the lead partner, Centre of Support and Public Diplomacy of Indigenous Peoples “Young Karelia” , the Karelian Language House (Republic of Karelia), the Community of the Small-Numbered Izhorian People (Shoikula), Centre for Development of Indigenous Peoples “URALIC” and Seto Cultural Fund (Estonia) and the Saami civil society organisation “Giellabalggis” (Finland). The project is funded by the Baltic Sea NGO programme of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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in Russia: Svetlana Kolchurina (, Aleksey Tsykarev (

in Estonia and Finland: Oliver Loode  (