URALIC Centre of Indigenous Peoples has completed video recordings of oral histories of speakers of Võro language – indigenous language of Estonia – as part of its partnership with Wikitongues. On April 16-18, Kristen Tcherneshoff (Wikitongues) and Oliver Loode (URALIC Centre) recorded oral histories of 7 Võro speakers, among them linguists, writers, pre-school education professionals and farmers. The first video from this recording session with accompanied subtitles in Võro and English will be published in May on Wikitongues YouTube Channel, with the other videos to be released during the following months. Recording of oral histories of Võro speakers is part of a broader cooperation between URALIC Centre and Wikitongues aimed at raising visibility of Finno-Ugric languages on Wikitongues platform and stimulating interest in learning these languages. URALIC-Wikitongues collaboration also contributes to the goals of the International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019.  

URALIC Centre and Wikitongues thank Võro Institute for its support with recordings of Võro speakers.

Kristen Tcherneshoff (Wikitongues) recording Egle Vodi in Purka village, Võromaa.  

Further information:

URALIC Centre: Oliver Loode (oliver.loode@uralic.org, Tel. +372 513 2992)

Wikitongues: Kristen Tcherneshoff (kristen@wikitongues.org, Tel. +358 41 495 0073)