oliver.loode  •  Apr 04, 2018


On April 8, Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2019 will be announced in the Seto village Obinitsa (Estonia). This year, three Finno-Ugric settlements are competing for this title: Komi-Permyak village Arkhangelskoye, Mari village Shorunzha and Hungarian town Zirc.
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oliver.loode  •  Dec 19, 2017

Finno-Ugric World Seeks a New Capital of Culture for 2019

Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples (MAFUN) and URALIC Centre for Indigenous Peoples today open the second 4-year cycle of the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture programme and the competition for the title of Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2019. Winner of the competition will be announced on April 8, 2018, in Obinitsa (Estonia).
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aranyipeter  •  Aug 05, 2016  3

Karelian village will be next Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture

Today, in a frame of a special one-day ceremony the next Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture was selected by an international professional jury, in the Hungarian Balassi Institute, Helsinki. The decision was made after the live presentations of the three candidates, Kuhmo, Sippola and Vuokkiniemi. On the event the current titleholder, Iszkaszentgyörgy has also introduced itself with a large delegation. The international jury has been selected Vuokkiniemi as the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2017. The Karelian village has participated second time in the competition. 
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aranyipeter  •  Jul 28, 2016

Invitation for selecting the next Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture

In the name of the Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture Programme Bureau, Friends of the Finno-Ugric Peoples (Sukukansojen ystävät ry) and MAFUN we proudly invite You for the ceremony of selecting the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2017. In the event there will be also a possibility get to acquainted with one of the current title holders, Iszkaszentgyörgy. The delegation of the Hungarian Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture will held an excellent Hungarian show with folk dancers. 

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aranyipeter  •  Jun 05, 2016

Finnish or Karelian town could be next Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture

On 31th of May the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2017 competition had been closed. Now the Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture Programme Bureau officially announces that three different municipalities applied for the title. “We’ve got two materials from Finland and one from Russia. We warmly welcome the Finnish town Kuhmo and Sippola, plus the Karelian Vuokkiniemi” – said Peter Aranyi, the head of the Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture Programme Bureau. He added: according to the selection procedure these three municipalities can participate automatically in the final round in Helsinki, on 5th of August. 

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aranyipeter  •  May 08, 2016

Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2014 has been introduced in Hungary

 On 7th of May one of the current titleholders, Iszkaszentgyörgy held and Udmurt day. The town with approximately 2000 residents hosted an Udmurt delegation. The special weekend had started already on 6th of May with Transylvanian programs, and next day - first time ever - Iszkaszentgyörgy organised an Udmurt fashion show. As a part of the Udmurt day a photo exhibition was also opened in the castle from the pictures of Miklós Demeter, who visited Udmurtia previously. Besides, on 7th of May Iszkaszentgyörgy organised a forum about the experience of Bygy, which was first Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture in 2014.  
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aranyipeter  •  Mar 18, 2016

Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2017 competition has been announced

Iszkaszentgyörgy - 17 March, 2016. Thursday –  From today the applications from the Finno-Ugric world are welcomed for the title Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2017, which aims to raise the identity of Finno-Ugric, and Samoyedic people, and to improve their cooperation. The initiative which is organised by the Youth Organisation of Finno-Ugric Nations (MAFUN), this year concentrates on the Finno-Ugric nations living in North Europe, North Russia and Central-Russia. The current Hungarian title-holders, Iszkaszentgyörgy and Veszprém will also participate in the election process for choosing the best candidate.
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aranyipeter  •  Dec 14, 2015

Iszkaszentgyorgy and Veszprém introduced its Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2016 programs

In the upcoming year Iszkaszentgyörgy will  transfer its own festivals into Finno-Ugric events, while Veszprém will involve towns and cities over the state border of Hungary into the its programs in frame of the Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture. The Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture 2016 Pre-Opening Event was hosted by Iszkaszentgyörgy in 5th of December. Read more
oliver.loode  •  Sep 23, 2015

Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture Acknowledged During 30th Session of Human Rights Council in Geneva

On September 21, Estonia’s mission to the UN in Geneva hosted a side event “Indigenous Peoples’ Cultural Rights: Finno-Ugric Capitals of Culture as Example” as part of the 30th session of the Human Rights Council. The programme of cultural capitals was acknowledged by UN Special Rapporteur on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Ms. Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, by several states and representatives of indigenous peoples.  

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oliver.loode  •  Aug 03, 2015


Hungarian village Iszkaszentgyörgy and City of Veszprém will share the title of Finno-Ugric Capital of Culture 2016, thus following Udmurtian village Bygy (2014) and Seto village Obinitsa (2015). The decision was made by a five-member independent jury on July 31, during the 12th Congress of the Youth Association of Finno-Ugric Peoples (MAFUN) held in Tartu, Estonia. Read more